Double Fence Line Turnstile & Pedestrian Gate EAG58480A-204

480A – 204 Double Turnstile (type 480A – 209) with Pedestrian Gate (type 188A – 200)

Product Description


The Type 480A – 204 Double Full Height Turnstile (type 480A – 209) and pedestrian gate type (188A – 200).


All type 480 fence line turnstiles feature a 120-degree rotor with straight bars connected to status lights to indicate when to proceed through the rotor. They are fully weather resistant and will operate in an external environment. Electrically controlled entry/exit or free wheel option.


They are available with fail locked or unlocked solenoids to conform to security or fire safety requirements.


A 12-volt DC logic control unit integral with the 230-volt AC mains supplied power supply unit.


The logic control readily accepts voltage free contacts from most access control devices, eg, card readers, code locks, proximity readers, etc.


For more details on the technical specification please see the datasheet.


Type 188A-200 Fully Automated Fence Height Pedestrian Gate


This gate is easy to install and provides gated access on to sites and premises with enhanced security.




– Wheelchair access
– Manual handling
– Site security
– Bicycle access
– Health and safety




– Risk to staff
– Unauthorised access


For more details on technical specification, review our 188 range of gates under pedestrian gates and locks.


Technical Drawings


Technical Drawing


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