Slide A comprehensive range of full height turnstile solutions.

LPCB LPS1175 Issue 8 certified products - A1 (SR1) to D10 (SR4) inclusive.

High Security Turnstile approved for government use.

Single and Double Fenceline Turnstiles, with integrated cycle pass and gate options.
Made in the UK, exported globally UK Flag LPCB - LPS 1175 Issue 8 Certificate 1572

A1(SR1), B3(SR2), C5(SR3) and D10(SR4) externally accredited to LPS1175: Issue 8 certificate 1572

Available as double units (SR1 SR3 only)

90 degree Locking head mechanism, electrically released in both directions

Rotor sensing relays to provide a voltage free contact following the rotation of the rotor in either direction

Status light LED panels to indicate when to proceed

240V AC mains supply 2 amp

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NBS Plus Specification
LPCB Loss Preservation Certification Board
DHF - Raising Standards Safety Assured
Cyber Essentials Certified
NBS Plus

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