Slide A comprehensive range of full height turnstile solutions.

LPCB LPS1175 Issue 8 certified products - A1 (SR1) to D10 (SR4) inclusive.

High Security Turnstile approved for government use.

Single and Double Fenceline Turnstiles, with integrated cycle pass and gate options.
Made in the UK, exported globally LPCB - LPS 1175 Issue 8 Certificate 1572

A1(SR1), B3(SR2), C5(SR3) and D10(SR4) externally accredited to LPS1175: Issue 8 certificate 1572

Available as double units (SR1 SR3 only)

90 degree Locking head mechanism, electrically released in both directions

Rotor sensing relays to provide a voltage free contact following the rotation of the rotor in either direction

Status light LED panels to indicate when to proceed

240V AC mains supply 2 amp

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NBS Plus Specification
LPCB Loss Preservation Certification Board
DHF - Raising Standards Safety Assured
Cyber Essentials Certified

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