Combined Pedestrian & Cycle Turnstile EAG58481-200

Combined Pedestrian & Cycle Turnstile EAG58481-200

Product Description


The Type 481 Combined Pedestrian and Cycle Turnstile


The turnstile and gate are bi-directional once the user has been authorised by either an access control system or push button control from a remote location. The turnstile will unlock enabling the user to advance through the turnstile, additionally if required the user has the option of automatically unlocking the gate and motorising to the open position by pushing a push button located on either side of the turnstile frame which is only active if user has been cleared to pass through the turnstile.


The dismounted cyclist would pass through the turnstile pushing the cycle through the opened gate. Once the turnstile rotor has completed its rotation it will automatically lock, the gate will remain open for a longer duration to allow the cycle to clear the gate and photocells (adjustable open time)


Technical Drawings


Technical Drawing


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